means 'jasmine' in Mandarin Chinese.

Moli Yoga invites us to explore the deeper aspects of ourselves, mind and body, and tap into its inherently therapeutic qualities. Yoga encourages an unfolding discovery of ourselves as we connect within a more holistic way to move into our potential.

We move through and beyond physical forms towards more understanding of our bodies and ourselves as a whole. The body releases, expresses and re-balances itself through our own natural qualities. We have the opportunity to unwind and relax as well as strengthen and grow.

Moli Yoga is mindful movement which cultivates awareness and sensitivity. We move towards becoming centred and grounded; vital and resilient; more stable and comfortable in our bodies. Yoga can transform our lives.

Moli Yoga coordinator, Natasha is a British Wheel of Yoga Level 4 Teacher and Foundation 1 Tutor who has been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga for 10 years. She is a researcher and a tutor at the University of Nottingham and previously worked as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews.

Natasha applies this exploratory approach to the practise. As Yoga is an inherently therapeutic, ancient practise she is confident it is for everyone at any age, with any physical condition. She enjoys sharing the benefits of Yoga as it embraces the whole person to find deeper ways of connecting and being.

What people say...

"Just coming to the end of yoga foundation course with Natasha and l would strongly recommended it. Natasha is inspirational and bursts with knowledge. I started out with little confidence and I have been inspired to go onto teacher training diploma. If you're thinking about it- do it! Do it for yourself and watch how you grow... it's magic... Natasha is magic... the Eco Farm is a beautiful place and you will meet like-minded special people that become your yoga family!" - Clare Theginger, Class of 2018

"Amazing class for releasing pressures! I was so relaxed I felt my baby kick for the first time!" Paige Nelson

"I can't remember relaxing so much in years. Stressful job and family! I think I've found the exercise for me! Thank you." Sunday class student

"I feel like a different person when I have done the Moli Yoga class: calmer, de-stressed and at ease with the world." Friday class student

"I'm normally really anxious but at Moli Yoga I feel like there is nothing in the world except me and the mat and I feel really relaxed." Aimi Ward

"I wish I had discovered the benefits of Moli Yoga years ago. I am a new starter in my fifties and cannot believe the difference it has made to my posture and wellbeing." Jean

"Coming to Moli Yoga class has helped so much with pain management for arthritis in my spine and rib cage; I am in less pain since I started 12 months ago. Less medication needed" Sunday class student

"Moli Yoga has made such a positive difference to my awareness of knee care. It's hard to believe how much yoga has improved my knees. Thank you, Natasha." Jill

"Since coming back to yoga I have found myself incorporating it into my daily life automatically especially the breathing. I am more in touch with my feelings and I have from day to day and sleeping is much easier." Mamani

"Natasha's classes have changed my life, improved fitness, well-being and recovery from multiple surgeries." Christine

"I have found Moli Yoga very healing as I suffered some trauma and have used the yoga to manage and heal from this. I don't know what I would have done without it!" Nina, regular student